What is Daniel Garcia most curious about?

Today’s attorneys. What makes them tick? What do they care about?  What helps them do their work better?

As co-founder and principal of Bellefield Systems, Daniel is responsible for building software that attorneys want to use. If your firm’s attorneys are underserved by the technology that you have in place, talk to Daniel.

Overcoming challenges in order to identify the right solution is the driving force behind Daniel’s work. His advice: keep cool, don’t despair. Use your brain. Find options, evaluate them, chose the best, and execute!

That advice has served him well. Previously, he was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of eBillingHub (www.ebillinghub.com), where he was responsible for overseeing all software development and technical direction at the company. Daniel nurtured partner relationships with multiple industry leaders and helped position eBillinghub for sale to Thomson Reuters in a transaction valued at $10 million.

Before eBillingHub, Daniel worked as research engineer for the University of Pittsburgh, published articles on decision-making under uncertainty, and was the lead architect for a decision support engine called GeNIe.

A native of Spain, Daniel earned his MS in Information Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh and his BS Software Engineering from the University of Madrid. He is a proud parent of two young children and enjoys watching them grow and helping them learn how to deal with the little struggles in life over a big bowl of ice cream. While Dani’s true passion is his work, he plans to learn to make bread (so that he can eat bread) and take hip hop dance lessons (to burn off the extra calories).

To contact Dani, send him a message or connect with him on social media.

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