Want to get John Kuntz talking?

Ask him how to achieve timekeeping nirvana.

As co-founder and principal of Bellefield Systems, John helps top law firms increase their time velocity, improving compliance and accuracy of timekeeping while taking the pain away from the time entry process. If your attorneys let out a collective groan every time you post a reminder that timesheets are due – John is your guy.

But this isn’t John’s first rodeo.

In past lives, John was CIO, Chief Interactive Officer, of national ad agency Engauge. While at Engauge he was responsible for driving digital strategies for decade-long clients Anthem Wellpoint, Abbott Labs, and Kraft. Kuntz’s team helped drive the sales of Airborne – “Take at the first sign of a cold” – from $90M to $300M in just 24 months.

Mr. Kuntz’s previous company, Labwerks, was merged with the agency Ten United in 2005. Through his efforts, Ten United was acquired by Haylard Capital in 2008, renaming the new entity Engauge. Prior to Labwerks, Kuntz was VP of Sales and equity partner at Schick Technologies. Schick invented and productized digital radiography in the 90’s, first in dental then in the medical areas. He drove sales from startup to $25M, led a sales team of 15 and managed overseas resellers. Schick had an IPO in the mid 90’s.

A native of Washington DC, he now resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh and also received a minor in Organizational Leadership at Robert Morris University. John is the father of three. He is a pilot, enjoys scuba diving, and is a particularly lousy golfer – a game that he unfortunately loves.

To contact John about implementing mobile time entry at your firm, speaking opportunities, or simply ask him to a round of golf, send him a message or connect with him on social media.

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