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Time Entry without
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Timekeeping doesn’t need to be a hassle. Keep time consistently, effortlessly accurately and securely, regardless of device, OS, location and time.

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iTimekeep for desktop and mobile

Billing Cycle

Easy and Convenient Contemporaneous Time Entry

iTimekeep makes it quick and easy for timekeepers to dictate or enter their time as tasks are completed from anywhere, using any device and at any time. The more contemporaneous your time entry, the more accurate your billing, forecasting and revenue generation.

The Billing Process

Improved Top-Line Revenue Through Better Timekeeping

Maximize collections and increase client trust by creating a high quality timecard inventory. iTimekeep’s Timescore helps firms and its timekeepers to understand their level of timekeeping compliance so they can be more proactive and competitive.

Billing Cycle

Real-time Feedback on Timekeeping Performance

iTimekeep simplifies the lives of timekeepers by letting them know where they stand in achieving key performance metrics, such as billable and non-billable hours worked, productive time, missing time and more. iTimekeep is designed to focus on the needs of the timekeeper in order to increase engagement. Engaged timekeepers produce a higher quality of timecards and tend to bill more time.

Real-Time Compliance

Billing Compliance at the Point of Time Entry

Non-compliance with client billing guidelines is costing your firm tens of thousands of dollars per day. With iTimekeep, violations are corrected as the timekeeper enters time, which prevents costly rejections and payment delays while preserving the client’s relationship with your firm.

Two-Factor Authentication

The Most Secure Way to Enter Time

Any vendor that you select to work with your firm could make or break it – and it only takes one data leak to ruin your firm’s reputation. iTimekeep takes a proactive and conservative approach to protect your firm and its data, so that you can be sure that your client data is secure.

Download from the Cloud

Rapid and Pain-free Installations with Zero Training Required

Say goodbye to the lengthy and complex installation and training cycles that define legacy software. iTimekeep’s user-friendly interface means that attorneys can learn everything that they need to know in 10 minutes or less. That’s not all – your IT team will find our installation process refreshing, start to completion in under an hour.


Richer Time Reporting for Even Faster
Access to Time Records and Activity

With Attorney time reporting, timekeepers can review all of the timecards that they (or their assistants) have entered in a given day, week or month in one, easy-to-read view, without the inefficient and time-consuming process of reviewing individual timecards.

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Fastest Path to Revenue

Discover the Shortest Path to Revenue for Law Firms

See how data drives decision-making and improves profitability for the world’s leading law firms.

iTimekeep by Bellefield

The Ultimate Guide to Timekeeping Success

Discover how leading firms maximize their attorney productivity and bill more hours.

OCG for iTimekeep

Managing Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG)

Get your time sheets compliant and invoices approved faster and easier with OCG Live.

With iTimekeep, Everyone at the Firm Wins

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Discover for yourself why iTimekeep is the preferred app for contemporaneous time entry and time management for law firms worldwide. Experience the #1 Most Adopted Time Entry Solution in Legal

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