Explore how anytime timekeeping can increase revenue and productivity for your firm.

We’ve designed iTimeKeep to fit into the busy workflow of today’s modern attorney, with all the tools they need to more accurately record time, work in tandem with their team, and meet compliance and security guidelines. See how we make it work:

Work Anywhere

Anywhere Experience
It doesn’t matter if you’re on your desktop, laptop, phone, or wearable.

Smart Timers

Smart Timers
Just start the timer at the beginning of the matter and stop it at the end, and your time is automatically recorded.

Set Goals

Set a Goal, Find Missing Time
Set daily or monthly goals, and know exactly where you stand.

Dictate Your Time

Dictate Your Time Entries
Use your phone or wearable to record time and a description.

Smart Codes

Smart Codes
Use our suggested codes or build your own so you’ll never have to remember the right code again.


Collaborate with your Assistants
Your assistant can enter time on your behalf, freeing you up for other things.

Policy Checklist

Real-time Compliance
Outside Counsel Guidelines ensure your time entries are in compliance before you enter them without having to remember each client’s guidelines.

Real-time Integration
Your time is entered into the time & billing system right away, so you always know where you stand


At Bellefield, everything we create for law firms is built to improve three key areas for the firm and its personnel:


Ultimate Security

Stop data breaches with our industry-leading security standards.

Serious Security


Give attorneys a tool that will actually make their life better

Simplicity Means Success

Added Revenue

Say goodbye to invisible time that leads to lost revenue!

Contemporaneous Timekeeping

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