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Fall 2019 Product Release

This release combines consistency with collaboration and engagement to generate more revenue and produce the highest quality timecard inventory for the firm, with the introduction of Intelligent Teams and performance improvements with My Shortcuts.

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iTimekeep Dashboard

iTimekeep | OCG Live

Summer 2019 Product Release

We continue to remove barriers to time entry and compliance.This release provides timekeepers with the fastest, simplest and most efficient way to enter time, as well as a direct path for billing managers to follow in order to eliminate billing rejections before they make it to the invoice.

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iTimekeep | OCG Live

Spring 2019 Product Release

Explore new functionality to iTimekeep and OCG Live that makes timekeeping and compliance more visible, accountable, accurate, and actionable, including Attorney Time Reporting, Enhanced Timers, Single Sign On (SSO), and OCG Live Financial Management and Executive Reporting.

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OCG Live™ Reports

OCG Live

Compliance at the Point of Time Entry

OCG Live™ is a full-service Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG) solution, which allows firms to manage guidelines, engage with attorneys, firm managers, and billing staff, enforce compliance at the point of time entry and measure how much money is at risk at any given point in time.

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OCG Live™ for iTimeKeep


November 2018 Desktop Release

Great news! iTimeKeep will soon begin rolling out changes to the iTimeKeep Desktop that will continue to enhance One Experience, bringing the features you love in the iTimeKeep mobile app to the desktop application.

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iTimeKeep Desktop


What’s New in the September 2018 Release

Through One Experience, this release will empower attorneys to take control of their time and revenue, engage with attorneys to increase timekeeping performance and enable attorneys to comply with Outside Counsel Guidelines and firm time entry policies.

  • Improve Your Timekeeping Performance with Timescore™
  • Get Insights on Your Timekeeping with MyStats
  • Easily Recover More Time by Entering Time through Missing Time or Main Calendar
  • Know What You Need to Do, When You Need to Do It, with Notifications & Reminders
  • Avoid Reminders from Management, by Releasing Time directly from iTimeKeep
  • One place to Go for the New Functionality Built for You, with the Hamburger Menu
  • Comply with your client’s guidelines at the point of time entry

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