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Improve Top-Line Revenue with the #1 Timekeeping Solution for Law Firms and Professional Services

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iTimekeep - The #1 Time Entry Solution for Law Firms

iTimekeep for Mobile Devices

We help firms create the highest quality timecard inventory

iTimekeep enables timekeepers to maintain accuracy and compliance in their time entries, with features designed to help them understand timekeeping performance, improve behavior and ensure compliance with their firm’s policies and client billing guidelines. The end result is a high quality timecard inventory, which allows for maximum collections and increased client trust.

through One Experience

One Experience provides timekeepers with a means to perform desired tasks in a consistent and effortless manner, regardless of device, OS, location and time.


Their Attention

Timekeepers can understand their timekeeping performance and improve their behaviors through continuous in-app engagement.


Your Timekeepers

One Experience timekeeping means that timekeepers can work on their own terms, regardless of device, location or time.

Comply with Guidelines

With Guidelines

iTimekeep helps timekeepers adhere to firm policies and client guidelines (OCG) through real-time compliance, whether e-billing or not.

OCG Live™ for iTimekeep

OCG Live™ for iTimekeep

Reduce rejections, improve collection realization and improve client trust

Finally, a timekeeping solution that allows you to recover more revenue and comply with client guidelines.

OCG Live™ helps law firms uncover threats to performance in terms of collection realization, business continuity and revenue. This results in higher levels of compliance, an increase to the firm’s score ranking and the ability to get more work from the law department. This is achieved by managing Outside Counsel Guidelines (ebilling or not) from the point of time entry, providing a centralized and easy-to-access place for guideline storage as well as a mechanism for enforcing client rules as timecards are created.

Manage Risk

Manage Risk

Get visibility into revenue at risk at any given point in time so that you take the necessary steps to bring your firm into compliance.


Pinpoint Violations

Client billing guidelines are flagged in our easy-to-access violations report, allowing billing managers to go directly to the source of the problem.


Instant Compliance

As timekeepers enter time, each timecard is graded and validated for compliance against client guidelines, in real time.

How much revenue is your firm losing each day due to non-compliance?
Whatever your answer, it’s too much.

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10 Steps to Master Billing Compliance

Firms are losing more than $15k per day due to non-compliant invoices….but it doesn’t have to be that way.

iTimekeep by Bellefield

The Ultimate Guide to Timekeeping Success

Discover how leading firms maximize their attorney productivity and bill more hours.

Your firm deserves every penny of revenue. Stop giving it away with bad timekeeping behaviors and inefficient billing processes.

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