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Ultimate Security

Stop data breaches with our industry-leading security standards.

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Give attorneys a tool that will actually make their life easier.

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Say goodbye to invisible time that leads to lost revenue!

Contemporaneous Timekeeping

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> CFOs & Administrators

iTimeKeep was designed to improve the health of your timecards in order to prevent time leakage and maximize your firm’s bottom line.
iTimeKeep for Finance

> Partners & Attorneys

With the modern attorney’s busy schedule, staying on top of your time while on the go has become increasingly important. Discover how iTimeKeep can improve your time entry.
iTimeKeep for Attorneys

> IT Department

Forget the hassles of under-performing, over-promising software with a timekeeping solution design for ease-of-use and hassle-free integration with your billing platform.
iTimeKeep for IT

iTimeKeep Thrive


Monitor Your Timekeeping Policy with iTimeKeep-Thrive®

Measure and reward compliance at your firm! Configure your time entry policy and let iTimeKeep do the tracking. iTimekeep uses your policy to drive better timekeeping habits for your firm.

Policy Management Solution

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