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Our Story

Bellefield was founded in 2012 by software veterans Gabriela Isturiz, Daniel Garcia, and John Kuntz with one simple but powerful purpose: create better timekeepers. With the use of the right technology, attorneys and firms can solve the problem of losing revenue due to inadequate timekeeping practices. Our flagship app, iTimekeep, is the #1 most adopted mobile time entry solution on the market and has introduced several first-of-its kind innovations to the legal industry.

Bellefield is committed to being the best and safest vendor for mobile solutions in the legal and professional services industries. Our focus is exclusively on mobile and cloud, we invest heavily in research & development, provide implementation in less than two hours and obsess over customer service and end-user support and ongoing engagement.

Bellefield Founders

The Bellefield Manifesto

Bellefield is tirelessly committed to innovation, which does not mean inventing new things, but rather making them better. As legal technology evolves, you can count on Bellefield’s team of experts to keep you productive and support the way you work.

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What Makes Great Entrepreneurs and Companies?

As the year comes to a close at Bellefield, we are feeling extremely grateful. This year, we’ve had the opportunity to continue to grow and develop iTimekeep, work with the most talented team and best customers. We are also thankful to have experienced opportunities to grow and develop as individuals and as a company as a whole.

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Bellefield Olympics: From the Gold Standard to Gold Medals

At Bellefield, we strive to continually cultivate a winning culture. There are several facets of a strong corporate culture, but one of the things that we have found is that the ability to get away from the stress of the day-to-day grind to have some fun is key to growing our rapport and maintaining high morale as a team.

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What We’ve Built

Compared to legacy companies in our industry, Bellefield can be considered the “new kid on the block.” In just a few short years we’ve experienced record growth, and have become the #1 mobile timekeeping App for attorneys. In this short time period, we’ve built so much more than an App that attorneys love. We’ve built an engaged community and an exceptional team.

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Meet our Founders

Gabriela Isturiz, Co-Founder and President

Gabriela Isturiz

Co-Founder and President

Gaby handles operations and execution of the company’s strategy, which is to build software that attorneys will love. So if you prefer to work with people who possess the drive to always make things better, you are in the right place.


Daniel Garcia, Co-founder and CTO

Daniel Garcia

Co-Founder and CTO

Daniel is responsible for building software that attorneys want to use. If your firm’s attorneys are underserved by the technology that you have in place, talk to Daniel.


John Kuntz | Co-founder and Principal

John Kuntz

Co-Founder and Principal

John helps top law firms increase their time velocity, improving compliance and accuracy of timekeeping while taking the pain away from the time entry process. If your attorneys let out a collective groan every time you post a reminder that timesheets are due – John is your guy.


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