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The Attorney/Technology Divide

We understand that when it comes to technology, attorneys are hesitant to adopt new solutions because they have been burned in the past by those that over promised value and convenience.That’s why we created the iTimekeep Engagement Program. We’re here to help prove to your attorneys that “this time is different” in order to drive adoption and high performance at your firm.

That’s why we created the iTimekeep Engagement Program. We’re here to help prove to your attorneys that “this time is different” in order to drive adoption and high performance at your firm.

Maximum Engagement™ Notifications

iTimekeep notifications help you stay on top of your time, and comply with your firm’s and your clients’ billing standards. Say goodbye to those annoying emails from your management team reminding you to enter time. Let iTimekeep help you each day to create better habits, understand your timekeeping patterns, increase accuracy and reduce time leakage.


Technology adoption is most successful
when the entire firm is involved.

The iTimekeep Engagement Program promotes the value of contemporaneous time entry in four key areas:

Four Steps to Timekeeping Engagement:

Meet the first-of-it’s-kind iTimekeep Adoption Kit.

The materials contained in this kit were hand-selected by the Bellefield team to encourage iTimekeep adoption within the entire firm. Let these items serve as a reminder of the power of contemporaneous time entry to increase accuracy and results at your firm.

Adoption Kit


Step 1:Engage Your Entire Staff

Whether you are an attorney, paralegal, legal administrator or administrative assistant, iTimekeep can make your life easier. But first, everyone has to be aware of how iTimekeep can help. We’ve included a few special items specific to each role within the firm to help drive home the point. Click on each heading below to learn more…

For the Attorney

For the Attorney

Microfiber Cloths
App Cards

For the Legal Assistant

For the Legal Assistant

Mobile Phone Holders
App Cards

For The Firm

For the Firm

Poster & Booklet
App Cards

piggy bank

Step #2: Incentivize and encourage performance.

You might have noticed that attorneys tend to be a bit on the competitive side. iTimekeep’s Timescore will help you identify your firm’s top performers (and bottom performers, for that matter), according to the number of hours entered, time velocity and levels of improvement, month-over-month. This will get your attorneys talking, won’t it?

Provide your timekeeping rockstars with tokens to redeem for a prize or other incentive. See how this was successful at other firms and learn how we can help with your firm’s incentive program.



We all know that attorneys tend to be a bit on the competitive side. “You rock” and “slacker” stickers bring some friendly competition to timekeeping. Let the fun begin by designating a monthly timekeeping award winner.

Who doesn’t love a reward? The top timekeeping performer each month will receive an iTimekeep token, which can be redeemed at

We Make It Easy for You

The firm gets a monthly list with the top performers and bottom performers. Performance is based on iTimekeep’s TimeScore™ which includes #Hours, Time Velocity, and Level of Improvement.

Get Attorneys Talking

Attorneys are competitive by nature and they love a challenge. When they start talking among themselves, timekeeping can even be fun!

Real Rewards. Real Fun

While we stress the fun aspects of keeping your time, it’s important that your team realize that better timekeeping makes for a better accounting of their work, and ultimately their income.

Step 3: Measure Timekeeping Performance

In order to stay competitive in today’s legal environment, understanding your firm’s timekeeping performance is key. Measure your success at the individual and firm level.



Usage & Trending

Understand to a great level of detail how your timekeepers are recording their time. Are attorneys meeting the firm’s goals? How does this month compare to last, and to the year-to-date? How do some practice areas or offices perform in comparison to others, and the firm’s goals?


Time Velocity

Bellefield has brought awareness to what “Time Velocity” means to law firms. Time Velocity measures how long it takes an attorney to record his/her time from when the activity happened. The closer to 0, the more contemporaneous, therefore more accurate. iTimekeep is the only solution that measures Time Velocity in real-time.


Time Leakage

On average firms leak between 15% to 25% of the time worked and most firms don’t do anything about that. Increase your visibility as to how attorneys are reducing the time leakage and how much time they are recovering that otherwise would have been lost.



Your clients deserve accuracy and so does your firm. Understanding how accurate your time records are critical to your firm financial operations. Gain visibility on how an attorney is recording his/her time as a way to improve your processes and increase compliance.

Step 4: Give back.

At Bellefield, we believe in the power of giving back. That’s why we’ve designated 10% of the cost of the adoption kit that you’ve purchased to go to an organization of your firm’s choice. Whether you have a bleeding heart for animals or are on a quest to cure cancer – there is something for everyone. We encourage you to choose the cause that is most important to you and your firm.

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