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We built iTimeKeep with Attorneys in mind, and we think they’ll love the result. But don’t take our world for it, read what some of our customers have to say, and discover why iTimeKeep is rated 4 1/2 Stars in the iTunes store!

  • “iTimeKeep is the only app that I have installed on my iPhone and iPad that has truly changed my life. I hate having to enter my time and iTimeKeep has taken that terrible task and made it easy, so much so I now WANT to enter my time. Every chance I get I am showing off my iTimeKeep to my colleagues.”

    John McChristian
    Ray, McChristian & Jeans, PC

  • “iTimeKeep allows me to enter my services real time so that they are completed by the following morning. This allows me to focus on doing my job and to be more productive.”

    Angus Chen, Ph.D.
    Frommer Lawrence & Haug

  • “iTimeKeep Desktop is an efficient and easy-to-use app that saves me a significant amount of time every day.”

    Curtis M. Schaffner
    Attorney at Law
    Sherrard, German & Kelly, P.C.

  • “Since I have started using iTimeKeep I have rarely missed a day of contemporaneous billing, even though I am rarely in the office and in the past, I would often fall days behind. This had not only helped me keep current, but I also capture much more billing in the process. I encourage all attorneys in my firm to use iTimeKeep daily and highly recommend this product to all billing attorneys.”

    Brian D. Bock, Esq
    Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost

  • “Time entry is the least favorite task of most attorneys in private practice, so anything that cuts down the drudgery should be snapped up. iTimeKeep is phenomenal. It cuts in half the time I spend putting in my entries. It is convenient, intuitive, and quick. I can enter time from my phone or iPad, which suits a mobile practice and lets me put in my time when and where it is convenient for me. iTimeKeep remembers all my recent client matters, the hours numbers are at my fingertips like a calculator, and I set up auto complete for frequently used phrases so there is less typing. It also has a nice filter that allows searching by client, time period, status or words within entries. Thanks to iTimeKeep for a very useful app that I now can’t do without!”

    Leslee M. Lewis
    Practice Department Manager
    Dickinson Wright

  • “One of the things we love about iTimeKeep is that it’s not intrusive. We make a decision about when we want to enter time. It’s not constantly popping up in our face. Training is so minimal, I don’t think we’ve ever trained anyone for more than three minutes on it. The interface is very simple, and the price point is right. We wanted a ROI within a year, and you guys hit that perfectly. It makes my attorney’s life very simple.”

    Wade S. Goldt
    Director of Information Technology
    Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP

  • “It takes the pain away from the worst part of our job.”

    Michael Sirkin
    Seitz, Ross, Aronstam & Morris

  • “This app makes me almost enjoy keeping up with my time, after many years of my tremendous struggle with timesheets. I highly recommend you try this new system.”

    James Kane
    Attorney at Chamberlin Hrdlicka

  • “My firm used me as a test subject. I’m not tech savvy, and I don’t have much patience, but I absolutely love the app. Now I don’t have time slipping through the cracks. And, frankly you realize how much you’ve done. Being able to dictate the description of the time entry saves a ton of time.”

    John Fairweather
    Brouse McDowell

  • “My managing partner is on the road constantly, and in the past we would struggle at the end of the month to get him to re-create his time. Now he is not only current with timesheets on a daily basis, he writes me an email about once a week to say how cool it is to be able to use his iPad for timesheets. In fact, the other day he was in the office and sent an office clerk to his house to get his iPad so he could input his time. He refused to do it on his computer. Any program that can get attorneys excited about inputting time is a good thing.”

    Beverli Linn
    Executive Director, Berger Kahn

  • “The biggest time loss, it’s the 15-minute phone conversations or the 5-minute phone conversations. Being able to dictate the description of the time entry saves a ton of time. I’d say making an entry in 30 seconds is not an exaggeration. You’re going to recover the cost of the app or the service in one or two entries.”

    Chris Gilbert
    Thompson & Horton

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