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iTimekeep was built just for you.

Today’s modern attorneys are always on the go. With so much time spent running to meetings, making court appearances, attending conferences calls and traveling for work, staying on top of your time while on the go has become increasingly important. iTimekeep was created specifically for law firms, to improve security, simplicity, and revenue for the firm and its attorneys.

Discover How iTimekeep Can Improve Your Time Entry Practices and Increase Your Billable Hours.


Enter Time Easily.

iTimekeep makes it quick and easy for attorneys to dictate or enter their time as tasks are completed, anywhere, anytime, on any device. We’ve even made it simple to allow your assistants to enter time on your behalf.


Bill Time You Missed.

The more contemporaneous your time entry, the less time you will lose to reconstructing. This means better billing, forecasting, and revenue generation.


Bill More.

When you’re not reconstructing time days or weeks after the fact, you’re not missing time that should be billed.

Bill Accurately

Bill Accurately.

Integrating client billing guidelines right into the interface means billing codes and descriptions that don’t comply with the client’s guidelines are flagged before your enter the time, not rejected after being billed. This saves you and the firm time, money, and reputation.

Meet Firm Goals.

With better engagement of timekeepers, the firm is more likely to meet its goals. Always know where you stand against the firm’s goals by day or by month right from your device.


Eliminate Mistakes

Your time entry rules, honored in your device, in in Real-Time, and comply with your client’s guidelines

Top Attorneys are saying goodbye to timesheets and hello to iTimekeep

What Our Clients Say…

“This app makes me almost enjoy keeping up with my time, after many years of my tremendous struggle with timesheets. I highly recommend iTimekeep.”

– James Kane, Chamberlain Hrdlicka

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Uncover Invisible Time with Contemporaneous Time Entry

iTimekeep makes it easy for attorneys to dictate or enter their time as tasks are completed from anywhere, using any device and at any time. The more contemporaneous your time entry, the more accurate your billing, forecasting and revenue generation. Empower attorneys with the right tool in order to make contemporaneous time entry a reality.

Contemporaneous TimeKeeping

iTimekeep for Mobile, Desktop and Tablets

Increase Your Billable Hours with iTimekeep

Explore how anytime timekeeping can increase revenue and productivity for your firm.

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