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Law firm finance professionals have entered a new era.

Your finance role is no longer limited to budgets and balance sheets, it has expanded with a renewed focus on value and leadership. At Bellefield, we know how important it is for you to maximize revenue and minimize financial risk to your firm.

What Our Clients Say…

“During my time in law firms, I have come to expect to pay for software that won’t do what it is promised to do and that my relationship with vendor companies will be mostly bad. This is not the case with iTimekeep. One of our favorite applications, iTimekeep does what it says it will do. It has been a such a big hit, even our dinosaur-like lawyers have taken to it.”

– Barry Pennell, Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog LLP

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Technology drives profitability

Now, more than ever before, law firms depend on the leadership of their CFOs beyond fiscal responsibilities. Technology has brought about several changes in how finance professionals define and deliver value within their organizations. See how Bellefield can help.

“In addition to the financial benefits to the firm, iTimekeep has made time entry simpler for the attorneys. We promised attorneys that learning iTimekeep would take only five minutes and that’s really what happened.”

– Tom Annick

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Billing Cycle

That’s why we make it our business
to provide you with the fastest path to revenue.

The Fastest Path to Revenue

iTimekeep for Mobile, Desktop and Apple Watch

See how iTimekeep improves results at firms like yours.

At Bellefield, it’s our commitment to do everything that we can to make sure that you maximize value to your firm. iTimekeep was designed to improve the health of your timecards in order to prevent leaving money on the table.

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