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Solutions and Security without Hardware and Hassles

Tired of software solutions that cause more problems than they solve? Then we’ve created iTimekeep for you. Our goal was to simplify timekeeping without sacrificing security or adding expensive hardware that takes time and money to maintain. Our turnkey implementation and minimal training requirements make iTimekeep the favorite timekeeping solution for lawyers and IT professionals alike.
IT: The Unsung Heroes of Law Firms

It Really IS That Easy!

We Make Your Security Our Business

At Bellefield, we make it our business to remove roadblocks to timekeeping. We simply detest the idea of placing additional pressure on IT staff that is already under-resourced and over-burdened. It’s just not right.

Designed for IT Professionals, by IT Professionals.


Security Compliant

Two-factor. No open firewall ports. Verified code. Your data on your servers. We take security seriously. Very seriously.

Serious Security


Real-Time Integration

We’re the only time entry solution that integrates with all the major time & billing systems in real time.



Implement in Under an Hour

Be up and running in under an hour. Really. Under an hour.



No Hardware or Middleware

No wasting your budget or your time researching, purchasing, installing, and maintaining expensive hardware or not-so-secure middleware. If you have a network, you already have all you need.

Updates from the Cloud

Painless Upgrades

Those months-long upgrades that are outdated before you’ve completed them? They’re a thing of the past.Our upgrades are seamless and won’t cause you more headaches.

Concierge Services

Concierge Service

Our Customer Success team handles everything, because we know you’re busy. Stay on top but not bogged down.

iTimekeep for Mobile, Desktop and Apple Watch

Timekeeping Solutions that Work for IT

At Bellefield, we understand the stress and strains put on IT professionals, and we’ve built iTimekeep with you in mind. See how iTimekeep seamlessly integrates with your existing IT infrastructure.
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