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Can I use iTimeKeep if I’m not connected to Wi-Fi or 3G?

No. You need to have connectivity in order to enter timecards and submit them to your firm.

I cannot connect to iTimeKeep even though I’m connected to the Wi-Fi and 3G. What do I do?

It is likely that the service running iTimeKeep at your firm is down. Please contact your IT administrator.

Can I modify a submitted timecard through iTimeKeep?

No. Once they are submitted to your firm they cannot be changed on your mobile device.

How long do I have my timecards on my smartphone?

Entries are kept for approximately 60 days.

My firm only bills in 10th of an hour. Can this be setup?

Yes, go to the “About” menu at the bottom of the screen and under “Settings/Time Increments” choose the 1/10 option.

Can I access my abbreviations while typing my timecard description?

Yes. You can create your own by following the steps explained in this user guide “How to Create Your Own Abbreviations” (iPhone devices only). Read more →

Can I dictate my time if I don’t have an iPhone 4S or 5?

No, Unfortunately. Dictation is only available for the iPad 3, iPad 4th Gen, and iPhone 4S & 5. Read more →

Can I delete a timecard after I submitted it to my Time & Billing System?

No. Once you have submitted your time to your Time & Billing System, you cannot edit or delete a timecard. You will need to do that from your Time & Billing System.

Can I use iTimeKeep from multiple devices?

Yes, your iTimeKeep license can be used in all devices you want: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Kindle Fire and Web Browsers.

How do I see only unsubmitted entries in “My Time Dashboard?”

From My Time, under the filter area at the left of My Time, tap on the “Status” box and select “Un-submitted.”

My Timers are not showing at the bottom menu. How do I turn them on?

Go to “Settings,” and switch the Timers option on.

Can I change the order in which Matter Search Results are displayed?

Yes. Go to setting and tap on the option “Matter Search Sort”. Choose the sort order that better fit your needs. The default sort order is by Client Name/Matter Name.

Can I have more than one timer “running” at the same time?

No. Only one timer can be running at a time. You can have multiple timer activity, but only one can be running. When you switch to a timer from another, if there was one timer running, it will stop and start running the one you just activated.