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Your time entry policy can make or break your firm’s ability to generate accurate time cards – affecting all aspects of the firm from the speed of billing cycles to client trust and loyalty.

Incorrect Invoices

With so much of your firm’s financial performance hinging on the activities that occur before the invoice happens, it is imperative that your time entry policy is constructed to drive the behaviors that will result in the financial performance that your firm deserves.

But what good is a policy without the right tool to enforce it?

Despite the fact that 98% of firms have some sort of policy in place, most struggle with enforcement. The key is to create a clear, actionable and measurable policy that will serve timekeepers and administrators alike.

Percentage of Firms with a Timekeeping Policy

Percentage of Firms that Actually Enforce It

Introducing iTimekeep-Thrive®!

iTimekeep-Thrive® was developed for just this purpose. With Thrive, you’ll be able to manage your policy and timekeepers, measure performance, and engage your attorneys, turning them into timekeeping wizards.


With Thrive for iTimekeep, you finally have the tools you need to craft and enforce a successful timekeeping policy


Your Policy

No policy? No problem! Our tool will guide you step-by-step to create a policy that’s right for your firm in easy to understand terms. Print it, save it, send it!



The Dashboard Knows All! Know where your firm and your attorneys stand against your timekeeping policy with a look at the simple dashboard.


Engage Your

Reward or Penalize. Thrive’s gamification takes the headaches out of enforcing your policy uniformly by automating the process.

Thrive for iTimekeep

Thrive for iTimekeep

See How Thrive Can Benefit Your Firm

Discover how a real time management system can increase your billable hours and improve your bottom line. Discover Thrive for iTimekeep.

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