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How much training is required for attorneys to use iTimekeep?

That’s correct, you read that right. At iTimekeep, we’re committed to making it as easy as possible for attorneys to enter their time, and that includes getting started. If attorneys can send a text message, they can enter time with iTimekeep!

Attorneys are not averse to technology, they are averse to technology that doesn’t work for them. This is why iTimekeep is the most adopted solution in the market!

The Attorney – Technology Relationship

No-Training Technology

We designed iTimekeep to have low activation energy, meaning that it takes minimal effort to get started. Think back to all of the exhausting and complex training sessions that you’ve been part of. The prospect of “no training technology” is refreshing, isn’t it?

Easy as Opening an Email

While iTimekeep does not require training, we won’t leave you hanging. At the official launch of iTimekeep, we’ll send all new users a beautiful email outlining the three simple steps needed to get started

Here’s an an example.

If you are more comfortable with a formal get-together, we can help with that too. We’re happy to demo and train iTimekeep for your attorneys in a quick stand-up session.

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