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A Note from our Founders

Compliance at the Point of Time Entry

Legal departments are demanding more accountability from law firms by way of Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG), setting rigid budgets and continuing to implement technology to control compliance concerning legal expenses (better known as “ebilling systems”).

Law firms are trying their hardest to comply with all aspects of OCG. However, both the volume and frequency of updates have dramatically increased over recent years, making compliance elusive. Technology has made it simple for legal departments to monitor compliance but has not addressed how to help law firms comply…until now.

We believe that compliance starts at the point of time entry and we are obsessed with helping firms maximize the quality of their timecard inventory so that firms can be paid in full, leaving zero dollars on the table.

We bring almost two decades of experience in legal technology, SaaS, ebilling, time entry, OCG and bringing compliance to law firms. This, coupled with our prior experience as founders of eBillingHub (now a part of Thomson Reuters™), the leading ebilling solution for law firms, has allowed us to be uniquely positioned to be able to know how to solve this problem in the most cost-effective manner for law firms.

Imagine a world where every new timecard is validated in real-time for OCG compliance, accepted and paid quickly, ebilling or not.

Dream no more. That is why we created OCG Live™.

Gaby, Dani & John

Bellefield Founders

OCG Live™ for iTimeKeep

OCG Live™ helps law firms effectively manage their Outside Counsel Guidelines (ebilling or not) from the point of time entry. This is achieved by providing a centralized place for guidelines to be stored, summarized and accessed as well as a mechanism for enforcing client rules as timecards are created.

OCG Live™ makes it easy for anyone in the billing staff to create and maintain OCG guidelines, so that compliance never stops. If your billing department spends its time manually reviewing timecards for compliance prior to sending invoices, only to spend more countless hours working on rejections and appeals, your firm’s resources are being wasted. Stop accepting preventable revenue loss as a cost of doing business and start complying with OCG at the point of time entry.

Like other solutions offered by Bellefield, OCG Live™ was designed to offer the highest level of security, while delivering a user experience based on the principles of simplicity that we hold dear.

With OCG Live™ your firm can:

  • Manage risk by centralizing and monitoring guidelines in an accessible manner. Speed collection cycles, improve cash flow and collection realization with less rejections and appeals.
  • Address business continuity by protecting the firm from staff “walking away with all the knowledge” when turnover happens.
  • Bring compliance to attorneys as soon as they start the work on every single client engagement.
  • Help attorneys learn how to create compliant timecards, without creating more work for them.
  • Increase your firm’s competitive advantage by having a better law firm score.
  • Understand your firm’s levels of compliance and manage how much money your firm has at risk, so you can take proactive measures to prevent revenue loss.
  • Remove the subjectivity and error prone processes associated with manually checking invoices for compliance.
  • Embrace the growth of ebilling and OCG by having an automated process to address compliance.
  • Save money and use wisely your resources by eliminating manual tasks and unproductive processes.
  • Enhanced team-level transparency through accessibility to guidelines.
  • Gain a Return of Investment in month one!

Everyone Wins with OCG Live™

Legal Administrator

Finance & Administrators

OCG Live™ provides a way for the CFO to uncover threats to the firm’s performance in terms of collection realization, business continuity and revenue. This results in higher levels of compliance, an increase to the firm’s score ranking and the ability to get more work from the law department.

Legal Manager / Managing Partner

Billing Managers

With OCG Live™, Billing Managers no longer have to manage compliance manually, as they are provided with a report of specific violations. This eliminates the need for resource-intensive processes to identify non-compliant items or re-submit bills.



Attorneys are able to comply with client guidelines on an ongoing, consistent and real-time basis, making a direct positive impact on the health of the firm’s timecard inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about how OCGLive could work for your firm? We’re here to answer your questions. Browse the topics to the right and click for answers.

OCG Live™ is a full-service solution, built to help law firms effectively manage their Outside Counsel Guidelines (ebilling or not) from the point of time entry. This is achieved by providing a centralized place for guidelines to be stored, summarized and accessed as well as a mechanism for enforcing client rules as timecards are created. Like other solutions offered by Bellefield, OCG Live™ was designed to offer the highest level of security, while delivering a user experience based on the principles of simplicity.

OCG Live™ is now available. Schedule a conversation with our team to learn how your firm can decrease dollars at risk due to lack of compliance.

iTimeKeep customers can benefit from OCG Live™ by upgrading their license. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Absolutely! While customers using both iTimeKeep and OCG Live™ can maximize the impact on your firm’s timecard inventory, OCG Live™ is offered as a standalone solution to help billing departments move away from manual, inefficient and accuracy-compromising processes.

Implementing OCG Live™ only takes a few hours. Upon implementation, your firm can begin capturing entries that are not in compliance.

When implementing OCG Live™, firms are up and running within a couple of hours without having to buy hardware or software to deploy. There is no need to incur expensive professional services to assist with the implementation. Client OCG rules and summaries are very simple to set up in OCG Live™ by firm staff. However, our OCG Premium Services can help you with that.

Once implementation is complete, OCG Live™ starts enforcing compliance by validating every time card against client rules at the point of time entry. Additionally, the OCG Live™ Violations Report is sent to the billing team daily, summarizing revenue at risk, areas of concern and a list of flagged entries that have not yet been fixed. OCG Live™ is a SaaS solution designed according to the highest security standards, offering simplicity in user experience that attorneys, billing and firm managers demand. OCG Live™ integrates in real time with your firm’s billing system.

After you have started the compliance process, compliance never stops. OCG rules are not static, therefore they can change at the discretion of the billing vendor or client without having to communicate to you any details. With OCG Live™, you can continue adding new guidelines, setting up new rules or updating existing rules in a matter of minutes.

Yes. When attorneys enter time that does not comply with client billing guidelines, timekeepers are notified in real-time of the compliance issue and best practice to resolve the error. Timekeepers are given the opportunity to fix it immediately or at a later time. This results in the creation of compliant timecards that don’t require resource-intensive review and editing on behalf of the billing department.

The billing department can finally be relieved of manual checking and scanning of entries. The billing department receives a list of items that need attention, whether it is applying discounts for particular charges, approving timekeepers before sending bills or seeking approval of charges and approval codes required for a task.

Firms currently using OCG Live™ have decreased dollars at risk by $15k per day and quickly realized an ROI on their investment in month one of using OCG Live™.

Yes. OCG Live™ brings about accountability and allows your firm to understand how much money is at risk due to OCG violations and errors that haven’t been fixed. Firms receive a daily and monthly statement that provides visibility into how much revenue is at risk, how many records are out of compliance, how many were fixed and how much money was saved by addressing non-compliant timecards.

OCG Live™ customers can see a return on investment as soon as month one. The impact to your firm’s top-line revenue is substantial, as most firms can decrease dollars at risk by 15k per day.

Many of the solutions on the market do not address collection realization, client satisfaction or firm score, as they do not provide a way for the firm to activate compliance measures within the firm. OCG Live™ enforces compliance from the minute that the terms are agreed upon. Other solutions don’t account for dynamic changes to billing guidelines from clients or ebilling vendors. The client might execute new rules based on broad language in the agreed upon guidelines without explicitly telling the clients. The ebilling vendor will break this broad language into specific rules. These specific rules can change at any time. With the traditional system, if they can’t update their rules engine, the system doesn’t scale, making the entire solution obsolete. In other words, the law firm is continuing to follow a manual process for managing billing guidelines, as the ebilling/client/corporate side is sophisticated and dynamic. OCG Live™ has been specifically designed to provide law firms with the flexibility they need, while guiding timekeepers and billers to the best practices on how to enter compliant time.

Our OCG Premium Services will work with you to analze your current rules and bring them into OCG Live™.

We understand that your firm might not have the time or resources to summarize and create rules in OCG Live™. For that reason, we offer OCG Premium Services. A team of OCG and ebilling experts will work with your firm to analyze, summarize, create and maintain rules on your firm’s behalf. As part of the service, we will work with you for several billing cycles to ensure the guidelines are fine tuned to capture the greatest number of violations to the rules.

OCG Live™ makes it easy for anyone in the billing staff to create and maintain guidelines so that compliance never stops. Therefore, OCG Premium services are not required. However, if you do not have the bandwidth to enter rules into OCG Live, we can help you out so that you can get started sooner.

OCG Live™ for iTimeKeep

OCG Live™ Resources

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