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[Press Release] Bellefield Launches Engagement Program to Help Firms Improve Timekeeping Practices

Published on: February 4th, 2015

Bellefield also introduces the Timelab, a hub for all-things Legal Tech

Engagement photo largePITTSBURGH, February 4, 2015 – Bellefield Systems, LLC, the leader in mobile time entry for firms of all sizes, continues to deliver on its commitment to innovation with the announcement of a formal Engagement Program. The Engagement Program, the first of its kind in the legal industry, is structured to maximize engagement among all timekeepers in the firm and instill better timekeeping practices in order to increase profitability for the firm.

“Research shows that positive incentives and rewards for doing a good job makes people twice as effective and productive, than individuals who do not receive positive incentives and feedback,” said Gabriela Isturiz, Principal of Bellefield.  Our team at Bellefield has successfully introduced many firms to our Engagement Program, which has translated to a significant increase in attorney engagement and responsiveness to timekeeping practices,” continued Gabriela Isturiz.

The Engagement Program taps into the competitive nature of attorneys by helping firms:

– Engage all timekeepers at the firm

– Incentivize timekeepers

– Measure the accomplishments of better timekeeping practices

– Give back to their community through philanthropy

Gregory Groce, Accounting Manager at Fagen, Friedman & Fulfrost commented, “We started using Bellefield’s Engagement Program because our firm knows that accurate timekeeping is essential to quality client service.” Groce continued, “This innovative program is very impressive.”

“Today’s law firms are very driven to improve, in every aspect of their practice, and timekeeping is no exception to this.  Bellefield’s Engagement Program has given firms the motivation and incentive they were looking for to improve upon their timekeeping policies regarding same. This innovative Program will disrupt the preconceived notions of timekeeping practices as of today – attorneys will find a greater purpose to timekeeping and really start to enjoy it, rather than dread it.  You cannot continue doing the same timekeeping practices and expect different results,” stated Bellefield Co-Founder, John Kuntz.

The Engagement Program is yet another product of Bellefield’s relentless commitment to innovation. The Program is simple to implement at firms of all sizes and little effort is needed on the part of the administrators and/or IT personnel to roll it out. The Program includes dynamic content and resources to better engage with all members of the firm.  Furthermore, a percentage of the proceeds from the Program will be donated to a charity of the firm’s choice.

In addition to the Engagement Program, Bellefield has much more in store for 2015.  Bellefield’s fascination with legal technology and innovation has no bounds.  The source of inspiration is the modern law firm:  how it works, who works in it, and what might make it work better, and because of this, the Timelab has been created.

The Timelab is a hub for all things legal tech.  Join us as we share emerging ideas and new developments in the legal industry, as well as resources that will help you embrace this new era in legal technology in order to create a competitive and sustainable law firm for the future.

After launching in 2012, iTimeKeep quickly became the most-widely used Mobile Time Entry Solution for attorneys. For the second year in a row, iTimeKeep has been ranked by ILTA as the #1 most adopted Mobile Time Entry Solution for attorneys.  Bellefield is relentlessly committed to maintaining iTimeKeep’s simplicity, allowing attorneys to work the way they want to work: anytime, anywhere and any way.  Law is a mobile profession. Therefore, Bellefield strives to create solutions that will empower attorneys to productively conduct business everywhere.  iTimeKeep offers integration with virtually any legal time & billing systems.

About Bellefield

Bellefield is committed to helping lawyers improve their work lives by developing innovative and intuitive applications that solve real-world challenges. Bellefield does this by identifying a problem, evaluating it from many different perspectives, and working tirelessly to create the best possible solution. Bellefield’s flagship product iTimeKeep ranks #1 as the most adopted Mobile Time Entry Solution for attorneys for the second consecutive year. Founded by software veterans Gabriela Isturiz, Daniel Garcia, and John Kuntz, Bellefield is an independent, privately held company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To learn more, visit Bellefield Systems.

About iTimeKeep

iTimeKeep is a game-changing mobile application that simplifies contemporaneous time entry while eliminating the burdens of complicated and invasive time capture applications. Upon hearing the frustrations of attorneys required to use technology that is counterintuitive to the way they work, Bellefield developed iTimeKeep to give them the ability to easily get the job done anytime and everywhere, increasing adoption and improving internal operations.  iTimeKeep is delivered as a Time Entry As a Service (TEaaS) model in order to maximize the benefits of mobility to firms, without taxing on their resources.  iTimeKeep was recently ranked #1 by ILTA as the most adopted Mobile Time Entry Solution for attorneys for the second year in a row.  iTimeKeep seamlessly integrates with leading financial systems including Elite, Aderant, LexisNexis Juris, ProLaw, Rippe & Kingston, and many others. To learn more, visit iTimeKeep.