[Press Release] Bellefield Leads Market with Two-Factor Authentication and Touch ID Updates to iTimeKeep

The Spring Release Delivers an Increased Level of Security Within iTimeKeep for All Customers

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PITTSBURGH, PA April 14, 2016 – Bellefield Systems, LLC, the leader in mobile and anywhere time entry solutions for firms of all sizes, announced the new features for its flagship product iTimeKeep. The Spring Release includes several first-of-its kind features and updates that will enable attorneys and global law firms to reach true mobility while maintaining the highest possible level of security.

One of the most notable improvements contained in this release is the inclusion of two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is one of the most trusted security measures to help fight against remote attacks such as phishing, credential exploitation and other attempts to hack accounts. Bellefield is the first of its competitors to implement two-factor authentication. This, combined with other security features, makes iTimeKeep the most secure solution on the market today. “Recent security breaches, such as the notable leak of the ‘Panama Papers’ could have been prevented with two-factor authentication. We’re thrilled to offer iTimeKeep peace of mind in the form of the most secure mobile timekeeping application on the market today,” said Gabriela Isturiz, President & CEO.

Other features included in the spring release include:

  • Touch ID Enabled: users are required to use their fingerprint to confirm their identity before they are granted access to any in-app information. For devices without Touch ID, a PIN is required instead.
  • In-App Support: Getting help was never easier. iTimeKeep users can easily submit a support request or call the support team right from the app.

Bellefield is unique within the industry in its commitment to an aggressive release schedule of four updates per year. “Bellefield’s release schedule is only possible due to our delivery model of SaaS where clients are always up-to-date with the most recent version, with no effort or additional cost on their side. The SaaS model allows us to deliver on our commitment to innovation, ensuring that iTimekeep customers are using a product that operates at the highest level of security, innovation and will never become obsolete,” stated Daniel Garcia, Chief Technology Officer.

About Bellefield

Bellefield is committed to helping lawyers improve their work lives by developing innovative and intuitive applications that solve real-world challenges. Bellefield does this by identifying a problem, evaluating it from many different perspectives, and working tirelessly to create the best possible solution. Bellefield’s flagship product iTimeKeep ranks #1 as the most adopted Mobile Time Entry Solution for attorneys for the third consecutive year. Founded by software veterans Gabriela Isturiz, Daniel Garcia, and John Kuntz, Bellefield is an independent, privately held company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To learn more, visit Bellefield Systems.

About iTimeKeep

iTimeKeep is a game-changing mobile application that simplifies contemporaneous time entry while eliminating the burdens of complicated and invasive time capture applications. Upon hearing the frustrations of attorneys required to use technology that is counterintuitive to the way they work, Bellefield developed iTimeKeep to give them the ability to easily get the job done anytime and everywhere, increasing adoption and improving internal operations.  iTimeKeep is delivered as a Time Entry as a Service (TEaaS) model in order to maximize the benefits of mobility to firms, without taxing on their resources. iTimeKeep was recently ranked by ILTA as the most adopted Mobile Time Entry Solution for attorneys for the third year in a row. To learn more, visit iTimeKeep.