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[Press Release] Bellefield Systems Launches OCG Live™ to Help Firms Comply with Outside Counsel Guidelines

Published on: November 27th, 2018

OCG Live™ addresses Compliance at the Point of Time Entry, improving top-line revenue for law firms.









PITTSBURGH, PA Nov. 28, 2018 – Bellefield Systems, the providers of the fastest path to revenue through its solutions, announced the launch of its new product, OCG Live™. A full-service Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG) solution, OCG Live™ allows firms to manage guidelines from inception, engage with attorneys and other parties responsible for OCG, enforce compliance at the point of time entry and measure how much money is at risk at any given point in time.

Compliance with client billing guidelines is one of the most notable challenges in the legal industry today. As OCG continues to expand in scope, frequency and complexity, today’s firms struggle to comply. Manual processes for identifying non-compliant invoices are inefficient and subject to human error, which leads to rejections, write-offs and payment delays, therefore affecting top-line revenue. OCG Live™ enables firms to improve collection realization, reduce rejections and appeals by managing client billing guidelines in real time, increasing compliance and enhancing communication.

“As ebilling adoption continues to increase, so will the need for law firms to manage billing compliance in order to maintain collection realization and retain profitable client relationships. Law firms that can adapt successfully to the ever-evolving client demands are the most likely to flourish,” said Gabriela Isturiz, Co-Founder and President at Bellefield Systems. “It is with great pride that we announce OCG Live™,  a game changing solution, which will transform the ability of firms to comply with OCG, giving them the visibility that they deserve into risk along with the tangible steps necessary to achieve compliance. For the first time in the history of the legal industry, true compliance with client guidelines is possible.”

Bellefield is the first vendor to provide a full-service solution to address compliance with client billing guidelines. OCG Live™ is now available to current and future Bellefield customers and can be used with or without Bellefield’s flagship application, iTimeKeep.  For more information on OCG Live™, visit

About Bellefield Systems

Bellefield provides the fastest path to revenue by removing barriers to time entry for attorneys and law firms. Through the Bellefield Timelab, Bellefield helps firms improve revenue by increasing attorney timekeeping engagement, providing real-time compliance with outside counsel guidelines and enabling firms to manage their time entry policies. In an area that was long disregarded and accepted as a “cost of doing business,” Bellefield’s innovations are bringing about efficiencies that allow firms to achieve the best timecard inventory, leading to less rejections, increased compliance and maximum client satisfaction.

Bellefield was founded with one simple (yet powerful) purpose: create better timekeepers. Bellefield’s flagship solution, iTimeKeep, has ranked as the #1 most adopted Mobile (and anywhere) Time Entry solution for attorneys for six consecutive years. Bellefield’s founding members include the former founders of eBillingHub (now Thomson Reuters™), Gabriela Isturiz and Daniel Garcia and software veteran, John Kuntz. Bellefield Systems is an independent, privately held company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To learn more, visit