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[Press Release] iTimeKeep Ranks as Top Mobile Time Entry Solution for 6th Consecutive Year

Published on: November 7th, 2018

The annual ILTA Technology Survey has once again recognized Bellefield’s iTimeKeep as the Most Adopted Mobile Time Entry Solution in legal.

PITTSBURGH, PA November 7, 2018 – Bellefield Systems, the providers of the fastest path to revenue through its time entry solutions, continues to defend its title as the #1 mobile time entry platform solution for the sixth consecutive year, according to the 2018 International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) Survey of more than 500 law firms. The survey also included results on iTimeKeep adoption as a primary time entry solution, which increased by 5x.

“We’re thrilled to have once again earned this recognition from ILTA as the #1 mobile time entry solution in legal. We’re honored to be recognized for our passionate commitment to helping law firms stop losing revenue due to inefficiencies in time entry through One Experience timekeeping,” said Gabriela Isturiz, Co-Founder and President of  Bellefield Systems. Bellefield’s One Experience timekeeping, launched earlier this year, provides timekeepers with a consistent experience through which to enter time and understand their time entry performance regardless of device, OS, location, time, etc.

Bellefield maintains its commitment to delivering on an aggressive release schedule, which includes first-in-legal innovations to help firms empower their attorneys to achieve better timekeeping performance, better engagement with their timekeepers in order to drive the firm’s financial performance and comply with client expectations. “We’re more committed than ever before to helping firms tackle today’s biggest challenges, such as preventing lost revenue through decreasing rejections and improving collection realization by way of a healthy timecard inventory through our suite of products included in our platform,” continued Isturiz.

Of course, mobile time entry is only the beginning of Bellefield’s story. After launching in 2012, iTimeKeep quickly became the most-widely used mobile time entry solution for attorneys. Today, Bellefield delivers value to its customers through the iTimeKeep platform, which includes solutions to help firms increase top-line revenue through better time entry performance and compliance with internal firm policies and Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG).

About Bellefield Systems & iTimeKeep

Bellefield provides the fastest path to revenue by removing barriers to time entry for attorneys and law firms. Through the iTimeKeep platform, Bellefield brings better timekeeping to any law firm or professional services firm by increasing attorney engagement, providing real-time compliance with outside counsel guidelines and enabling firms to manage their time entry policies. In an area that was long disregarded and accepted as a “cost of doing business,” Bellefield’s innovations are bringing about efficiencies that allow firms to achieve the best timecard inventory, leading to less rejections, increased compliance and maximum client satisfaction.

Bellefield was founded with one simple (yet powerful) purpose: create better timekeepers. iTimeKeep ranks #1 as the most adopted Mobile (and anywhere) Time Entry solution for attorneys for six consecutive years. Bellefield’s founding members include the former founders of eBillingHub (now Thomson Reuters™), Gabriela Isturiz and Daniel Garcia and software veteran, John Kuntz. Bellefield Systems is an independent, privately held company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To learn more, visit