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OCG Live

OCG Live is a full-service Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG) solution, which allows firms to manage guidelines, engage with attorneys, firm managers, and billing staff, enforce compliance at the point of time entry and measure how much money is at risk at any given point in time.

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Manage Less, Comply More.

Manage your risk and improve your firm’s ranking.

OCG LiveYour firm has agreed to the client’s guidelines and it is now your responsibility to comply.
Increasingly, firms are ranked according to the quality of their timecard inventory and levels of compliance. The better the ranking, the more likely the firm will be assigned work by the client and the faster the firm will be paid. OCG Live allows you to manage compliance at all levels, gives you visibility into revenue at risk at any given point in time so that you take the necessary steps to bring your firm into compliance and achieve a better ranking.

Access Client Billing Guidelines Easily, All the Time.

ChecklistWith OCG Live, you’ll never have to wonder what’s in your client guidelines.
We help you get all of your attorneys on the same page by giving timekeepers and other staff easy and continual access to a one-page summary of relevant client billing guidelines, so that you can get up to speed quickly in order to execute on client expectations. To make sure that each client engagement gets off to a great start, attorneys are presented with each new set of guidelines before the work is begun, so that they can acknowledge expectations from the beginning.

Identify Violations Without the Struggle.

Rejected BillsIdentify violations before you get rejected.
Billing managers no longer have to wrestle with inefficient, resource-intensive processes to uncover billing violations. With the OCG Live rules engine, time entries that do not comply with client billing guidelines are flagged in our easy-to-access violations report, allowing billing managers to go directly to the source of the problem. This means that you can identify potential rejections prior to submitting invoices to your clients, making it easier to get paid, faster.

Comply with your Client Guidelines at the Point of Time Entry.

HourglassThe simple truth about compliance is that it starts at time entry.
As attorneys enter time, it is validated for compliance against client guidelines. If a violation is found, attorneys will receive a real-time notification, providing the option to fix the timecard immediately or delay it until later. This provides a way for firms to ensure that all timecards in the billing system are in compliance before sending the bill to the client, saving the firm hundreds of thousands of dollars in would-be rejections, quicken collection cycles and reduce time spent by staff tasked with “cleaning up the mess” of non-compliant bills.

Ensure business continuity through periods of transition

EmployeesIn today’s competitive market, this is an unnecessary setback and monetary loss.
Billing guidelines and other terms are complex, therefore there is often a large breadth of knowledge housed in the minds of a few people. Firms often lose hundreds of thousands of dollars due to staff turnover in billing, which ultimately points back to an inability to manage compliance. This means that something as common and predictable as staff turnover puts the future of your firm at risk. OCG Live removes subjectivity from the compliance process, centralizes knowledge and puts your firm in a position to continue keeping the business running.

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Every passing day and each rejection or appeal costs your firm money and can put the future of your firm at risk.

Client OCG rules and summaries are very simple to set up in OCG Live by firm staff. However, depending on the availability of resources at your firm, you may prefer to add extra bandwidth that will allow you to get results sooner. We can help with that.

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OCG Live Premium Services

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