OCG Live helps law firms effectively manage their Outside Counsel Guidelines (ebilling or not).

Manage and centralize guidelines

OCG Live™Law firms no longer have to struggle to manage guidelines that are dispersed across the firm, now that all guidelines are centralized into one Management Portal. Firms can add the most recent version of OCG as well as prior versions and retention letters (recommended).

Own your client rules

No two firms are created equal, therefore no firm-client relationship is the same. With OCG Live you can create rules at the client level, matter level, practice or location level or even firm-wide. For each rule, you can define whether a violation will cause an error, a warning or an action. You have full control over the rules you want to setup and enforce, as well as the best practices that you would like to initiate when a violation occurs. It is not enough to just point out an error. Compliance is all about teaching the timekeeper or billing department how to create an entry that complies.

Bring attorneys to acknowledge compliance as soon as they start the work

ComplianceMost attorneys do not have access or are uninformed of what is in a client’s OCG. Summary guidelines highlight the items most important to attorneys, which are presented to attorneys the first time that they work on a case in order to start the engagement in compliance. Attorneys then acknowledge that they have read and understand the summary, which results in attorneys having the necessary visibility into guidelines to establish compliance.

Summarize the most important guidelines for attorneys, billers and managers

ChecklistWithout a clear understanding, compliance is impossible. One of the biggest challenges with OCG is having a clear understanding of what is included in any given set of guidelines and how individual departments within the firm are impacted. OCG Live allows firms to summarize the guidelines in a manner that is accessible to staff and attorneys so that everyone knows what is expected for every client.

Validate every timecard at the point of time entry

ValidationWhen attorneys enter time that does not comply with client billing guidelines, timekeepers are notified in real-time of the compliance issue and best practice to resolve the error. Timekeepers are given the opportunity to fix it immediately or at a later time. This results in the creation of compliant timecards that don’t require resource-intensive review and editing on behalf of the billing department.

Provide full visibility and actionable items to billing

Actionable ItemsThe billing department can finally be relieved of manual checking and scanning of entries. The billing department receives a list of items that need attention, whether it is applying discounts for particular charges, approving timekeepers before sending bills or seeking approval of charges and approval codes required for a task.

Understand the level of compliance with violations statements

Error Reporting
OCG Live brings about accountability and allows your firm to understand how much money is at risk due to OCG violations and errors that haven’t been fixed. Firms receive a daily and monthly statement that provides visibility into how much revenue is at risk, how many records are out of compliance, how many were fixed and how much money was saved by addressing non-compliant timecards.