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Adding Timecards

Published on: September 26th, 2013

Add a New Timecard

To enter a new timecard, tap the plus sign located at the top right of “My Time.”

Add New Timecard

Time Entry Screen

The new timecard screen will appear. You must complete the information on the screen before you can save your timecard.

Add Timecard Screen

Suggested Matters

When you tap on the Matter field, the Search Matter pop-up appears. iTimeKeep will show “Suggested Matters.” These are matters that you have entered time for in the past 60 days and your favorite matters in your Time & Billing System. Suggested Matters are sorted by the most recently accessed first.

Suggested Matters

Searching for a Matter

If the matter you are looking for is not in “Suggested Matters,” type the Matter Name or Matter Number, Client Name or Client Number and select “Continue Search or Server.” This will access real-time matters in your Time & Billing System.

Search Matters

Saving a Timecard

After you entered the timecard information, touch the “Save” button on the top right of your screen. After the timecard has been saved, you will be on the “My Time” dashboard screen, and your newly entered timecard will show up as un-submitted (blue dot) and the total number of hours un-submitted will increase.

Save Timecard

Submitting your Time

New timecards are created as un-submitted timecards. You can identify them by the blue dot. Un-submitted timecards will stay in that status until you submit them to your Time & Billing System. In the “My Time” dashboard, you will see (at the bottom of the screen) the total count of timecards that are un-submitted and waiting to be sent to your firm’s Time & Billing System. There is no limit for how long you can maintain timecards in un-submitted status, however it is a good practice to release those at least once a day. When you are ready to submit your timecards, touch the Submit button at the bottom right of the “My Time” screen and confirm.

Submitting your Time

As soon as your timecards are submitted to your firm’s Time & Billing System, they will be created as un-finalized timecards.

You can modify timecards, only while they are in the un-submitted status. Once they have been submitted, you cannot change them from your mobile device.