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Creating and Managing Manual Tasks

Published on: October 13th, 2019

There are often times when reviewing the OCG Violations or other Tasks that a need for an additional Task arises.  As an Administrator you can add a Task from either of the Firm Tasks or MY Tasks screens. Simply click the (+) ADD TASK button to the left of the Task List.  A NEW TASK pop-up will appear with an area to enter the Task description and assign a due date (which is optional).  Click the SAVE TASK button to save your Task, or the CANCEL button to cancel.

Once a Task has been created, it will appear in both the MY TASKS and PENDING lists.  To assign the Task to another user, click SELECT USER to the right of the Task description to display a dropdown of all users available for Task assignment.  Once assigned, the Task will appear in the PENDING Task List and the respective Task List of the user which the task was assigned to.

If after creating a Task you want to edit either the description or the due date, click the PENCIL icon next to the red GARBAGE CAN delete icon.  After making your changes click the green UPDATE button to save your changes.

If a Task needs to be deleted, click the red GARBAGE CAN icon to the right of the task.