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Managing Billing Tasks

Published on: October 13th, 2019

Depending upon the size of your firm and the number of people in your billing department, there may be a large list of Tasks to manage OCGs.  The Tasks that are created as part of the Rules setup can be assigned to an individual that is responsible for a client/matter or they can be unassigned and divided amongst the team.  You can also set a Task Due Date.

  • The PENDING task list is a consolidated list that displays all incomplete Tasks whether assigned or unassigned.
  • As a way of further filtering Tasks that are not assigned to a user, both completed or incomplete, the UNASSIGNED list can be used.
  • If a user knows the description name of the Task, they can use the SEARCH feature at the top of the Task List. At the top of the Task List, click the SHOW FILTERS link.  A search field will display where any part of a Task description can be entered.  For pending Tasks, a user can further filter their search by assigned user in the dropdown menu to the left of the search field.