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Managing Guidelines

Published on: October 13th, 2019

Law firms no longer have to struggle to manage guidelines that are dispersed across the firm. They can now ensure compliance management of the Guidelines by:

  • Centralizing the storage of guidelines and associated document in the OCG Live management portal alleviating the ‘who has the latest version of x guideline’
  • Create rules which generate automated messages for timekeepers in iTimekeep such as ‘Research’ is not permitted
  • Create rules which generate creation of automated tasks when specific criteria are met such as sending a Guideline Summary to an attorney the first time they charge time to a client
  • Provide Guideline Summaries for the whole firm as well as for specific personas such as Billing, Timekeeper, HR, etc.
  • Create “one off” manual tasks for members of the billing team
  • Manage the assignment, due dates and statuses for both automated and manual tasks