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Working with Rules

Published on: October 13th, 2019

The volume and frequency of updates to OCGs have dramatically increased over recent years, making compliance often elusive for firms. We have designed OCG Live’s rule section to be very dynamic, allowing firms to manage the varying degrees of explicit and ambiguous hidden rules and to make changes to the rules as needed.

With OCG Live, firms can create Rules that examine timecards each time a timecard is saved and help firms maximize the quality of their timecard inventory. When creating a rule, the OCG Administrator can define a rule as an Error, Warning, or Information message. The Information message option is only available to clients that are working with OCG POTE timekeepers.  Error and Warnings also appear on the Daily OCG Violations Report allowing the billing department to know what timecards are at risk and they can also take action.

For Early Adopters ONLY (Available for others Q1 2020) – Rules can be setup to contain Action Limits which automate the creation of tasks and notifications.  Action Limits can be set by Frequency (per validation date, weekly, monthly annuals), Subject (Matter or Client Level) and Target (Per Timekeeper or Per Timecard).   Here are several use cases:

  • Create a task for the billing department when a new attorney charges time to a client/matter for the first time to get approvals.
  • Create a timekeeper task and send an acknowledgement email to a timekeeper to read and acknowledge the client’s rules.
  • Create a timekeeper task for x months or years later to re-acknowledge guidelines.
  • Create a task for the billing department every week (month, year), etc. a timekeeper does x.