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Working with Timers

Published on: May 12th, 2019

Creating and Working with Timers

Timers are a convenient tool for the contemporaneous timekeeper, and work well for attorneys who want to automatically record how much time they spend on a specific task.

Using Timers within iTimeKeep from iTimeKeep on Vimeo.

In a new timecard, press the large green “Start” button in the Work Hours section. A counter will appear and begin to run.

Three additional timer controls will also appear:

  • Pause/Resume
  • Nudge: allows time to be added or subtracted from the active timer.
  • End: fully stops the running counter and converts the hours, minutes and seconds to a decimal. The timer controls will disappear.

By default, starting a timer will set the timecard to draft mode until the timer is ended.

Timer History

This feature grants timekeepers greater visibility into when their timers are started and stopped. The benefit of having the Timer History is so that timekeepers who forget to pause or resume a timer can accurately still fill in the Work Hours for that timecard.

To use Timer History:

  1. Click the running timer counter
  2. Review timer activity, listed by timestamp and snapshot of the counter at that point
  3. Click “Revert to this Point” to easily change the Work Hours field of the timecard to the chosen timestamp

Timer history data will remain accessible until the timer is ended and the timecard submitted.

Working with Multiple Timers

You can create as many draft timecards with timers as you wish and control them from the “My Time” screen. Only one timer can be running at a time, however. By clicking the resume button on a paused timer, any presently running timers will be paused automatically.