What’s New in the September 2018 Release

Through One Experience, this release will empower attorneys to take control of their time and revenue, engage with attorneys to increase timekeeping performance and enable attorneys to comply with Outside Counsel Guidelines and firm time entry policies.

  • Improve Your Timekeeping Performance with Timescore™
  • Get Insights on Your Timekeeping with MyStats
  • Easily Recover More Time by Entering Time through Missing Time or Main Calendar
  • Know What You Need to Do, When You Need to Do It, with Notifications & Reminders
  • Avoid Reminders from Management, by Releasing Time directly from iTimeKeep
  • One place to Go for the New Functionality Built for You, with the Hamburger Menu
  • Comply with your client’s guidelines at the point of time entry

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Support Topics for the September 2018 Release

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