Improve Your Timekeeping Performance with Timescore™

In today’s very competitive legal landscape, firms are getting graded by their clients on how compliant they are and the quality of their timecard inventory. Timescore™ helps firms and its timekeepers to understand their level of timekeeping compliance so they can be more proactive and competitive.

Much like the way that a FitBit user monitors his or her daily steps goal, Timescore™ measures ongoing progress toward timekeeping compliance. Attorneys, and timekeepers in general, want to excel and comply, but they are faced with the challenge of complex and antiquated time entry interfaces that do not provide the visibility that they need to improve their performance. Timescore™ brings to life the engagement and accountability that is needed to help attorneys understand the link between their timekeeping behaviors and their performance, in order to stay in command of their accountability.

How it Works

Timescore™ grades each timecard as it is entered based on its velocity. Velocity measures the difference in time from the date that time is worked and the date it is entered. For example, if you entered time today for a task completed yesterday, the velocity of that timecard is one day. The closer your Timescore™ is to 0, the better your velocity performance.

This grade is aggregated by the individual attorney, practice area and the firm as a whole. As time is entered, the Timescore™ is calculated in real time, so that you have a Timescore™ for each day, each week, each month and each year. Timescore™ is designed to be simple and flexible enough to allow attorneys to monitor and improve their score over time.

There are two very simple ways for timekeepers see their Timescore™. Attorneys can view their Timescore™ in two places:

#1: The My Time dashboard
As a timekeeper enters his/her time, they can see their Timescore™, which is calculated in real-time according to the selected date, at the bottom of the screen.

#2: The MyStats dashboard
While in MyStats, you can see your Timescore™ for the week, month and year. Even better, you can drill down in order to understand how the Timescore™ was calculated.















Are you a manager looking to access the Timescore™ of your attorneys? If you are using Thrive, our Time Entry Policy Management solution, you can understand each attorney’s Timescore™ at the most granular level.

Not using Thrive? Schedule a demo here to learn more.

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