After all, we’re simply creatures of habit.

The human brain relies on habit, not willpower to create lasting change. Therefore, the success of any initiative (ahem…like implementing a mobile time entry solution) requires a behavioral change. When it comes to a successful mobile time entry implementation, the task at hand is to focus on the habit, not the technology. The technology is simply a tool which supports the habit.

Take the Path of Least Resistance in Attorney Timekeeping

Make it easy for attorneys to get started.

Activation energy is the amount of effort needed to get started with a particular task. The more activation energy required, the harder it is to get started.

Follow the 20 Second Rule

Remove the barriers to beginning by enabling attorneys to begin using the solution in 20 seconds or less: the threshold for attorney timekeeping success.

The Simplest Roll-out You’ve Ever Experienced

We believe in the science of “Simplicity”. Start the clock. Follow these steps to implement a mobile time entry solution in less than three hours:

Step 1: Kick-off meeting | 30 min

During our meeting, we will discuss goals and expectations, and the strategy for rolling iTimeKeep out to your attorneys.

Step 2: Firm completes pre-requisites | 30 min

Since iTimeKeep is Time Entry as a Service, there is no additional software or hardware to purchase. Just pick any server at your firm to run Bellefield Connect™

Step 3: iTimeKeep install + admin training | 45 min

Cast aside everything you ever thought to be true about software implementations: time-consuming, expensive hardware, resource-intensive and complicated. Your firm will be up and running in less than one hour.

Step 4: Onboard attorneys | 10 to 45 min

Whether your firm has 5 or 1500 attorneys, getting attorneys setup in iTimeKeep is as simple as creating a twitter account. Nothing to be done on the mobile device or desktop. Not fast enough? You can use our bulk-upload and attorney iTimeKeep accounts will be created instantly.

Step 5: Launch!

iTimeKeep is so simple to use that attorneys do not need any training. Attorneys simply receive a beautiful-looking email with the 1,2,3 steps on how to get started. And voila!

Ready to get started?

Learn how iTimeKeep can help your firm increase accuracy and profitability.

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