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We have put our hearts and souls into this September 2018 Release.

This release is one of our most innovative versions since we went live for the first time in 2012 and arguably, in legal technology.

After many years of working with attorneys and trying to understand what a good user experience is, we believe we have mastered this experience so attorneys and timekeepers can bill more time, comply with client guidelines and also adhere to firm policies.

We have brought to iTimeKeep the same experience that we are accustomed to in our regular, everyday lives. Think of Netflix, Email or Amazon. With any of those, our goal, as a user, is to perform a function: watch a movie, check emails or purchase online, and we do this on our own terms. They all use technology to enable the user to achieve a function, regardless of where they are or the device they have in their hands. In this day and age, as users, we get to choose what works for us, whether it’s the mobile device we want to use, our favorite OS, or our favorite browser.

As ubiquitous as this is in our daily lives as consumers, it is almost non-existent in our professional lives – let alone in timekeeping – despite it being a critical element to law firm operations.

It’s time to change that, and we’re doing so with this release. iTimeKeep is bringing this experience to all attorneys and timekeepers, so they can work on their own terms. This release is all about One Experience, which means that the desired task can be completed effortlessly, regardless of device, OS, location, time, etc. Through One Experience, we’re empowering and engaging with attorneys so that firm administrators can increase compliance and top line revenue.

This release will empower attorneys to work on their own terms, engage with attorneys to increase timekeeping performance and enable attorneys to comply with Outside Counsel Guidelines and firm time entry policies. We do this through One Experience.

We hope that you join us in the sincere excitement that we have in making this available to our customers.

Gaby, Dani & John

What’s New in this Version

  • Improve Your Timekeeping Performance with Timescore™
  • Get Insights on Your Timekeeping with MyStats
  • Easily Recover More Time by Entering Time through Missing Time or Main Calendar
  • Know What You Need to Do, When You Need to Do It, with Notifications & Reminders
  • Simplify your Life and Avoid Reminders from Management, by Releasing Time directly from iTimeKeep
  • One place to Go for the New Functionality Built for You, with the Hamburger Menu
  • Comply with your client’s guidelines at the point of time entry

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