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Through One Experience, this release will empower attorneys to take control of their time and revenue, engage with attorneys to increase timekeeping performance and enable attorneys to comply with Outside Counsel Guidelines and firm time entry policies.

Finance Professionals and Firm Administrators

For finance professionals and law firm administrators looking to improve compliance with client billing guidelines and internal policies, as well as increase attorney engagement, the latest release of iTimeKeep provides compliance at the point of time entry and a manner through which to maximize timekeeper accountability, via TimeScore and MyStats.


For attorneys who want control over their time and revenue potential and the ability to practice all necessary timekeeping-related functions with delightful simplicity, this release provides actionable insights on how to achieve better timekeeping results and new features aimed at simplifying the function of time entry. This includes the ability to release time directly to time & billing systems, and understand time entry performance by monitoring their progress to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the MyStats dashboard.

Here’s an overview of the new benefits
we’re bringing your way:

Improve Your Timekeeping Performance with Timescore™

In today’s very competitive legal landscape, firms are getting graded by their clients on how compliant they are and the quality of their timecard inventory. Timescore ™ helps firms and its timekeepers to understand their level of timekeeping compliance so they can be more proactive and competitive.

Much like the way that a FitBit user monitors his or her daily steps goal, TimeScore ™ measures ongoing progress toward timekeeping compliance. Attorneys, and timekeepers in general, want to excel and comply, but they are faced with the challenge of complex and antiquated time entry interfaces that do not provide the visibility that they need to improve their performance. Timescore ™ brings to life the engagement that is needed to help attorneys understand the link between their timekeeping behaviors and their performance, in order to stay in command of their accountability.

Get Insights on Your Timekeeping with MyStats

Never before have timekeepers had an easier way to monitor their progress in real time. The new MyStats dashboard simplifies the lives of timekeepers by letting them know where they stand in achieving key performance metrics, such as billable and non-billable hours worked, productive time, missing time and more. The new version of iTimeKeep is designed to have the timekeeper in the forefront and to increase engagement. User engagement is one of the most daunting technology challenges faced by firms today. Engaged attorneys produce a higher quality of timecards and tend to bill more time.

Easily Recover More Time by Entering Time through Missing Time or Main Calendar

Easily recover more time by entering time from the Missing Time or Main Calendar. Whether a user is viewing the Missing Time or Main Calendar, entering time is as easy as sliding a finger on that day (mobile) or clicking (desktop). iTimeKeep will create a new timecard for that day!

Know What You Need to Do, When You Need to Do It, with Notifications & Reminders

Research indicates that users are more engaged when they are notified and reminded of the things they need to do. With the new version of iTimeKeep, we have built a smart set of notifications to help attorneys with the following:

  • Have timers running
  • Have timers that need to be finalized
  • For future release – have draft entries that need to be completed and submitted

For the administrators and firm managers, you have found a partner with iTimeKeep. We have designed iTimeKeep to engage with your timekeepers, remind them of what is pending and, therefore, achieve better compliance and time entry performance.

Simplify your Life and Avoid Reminders from Management, by Releasing Time directly from iTimeKeep

iTimeKeep mobile now allows timekeepers to release time from their mobile device, or desktop, right into their billing system and avoid the reminders from the billing department. From anywhere and at any time, timekeepers can simply select “Release Time” and select from the menu the options that best suit their needs.

One place to Go for the New Functionality Built for You, with the Hamburger Menu

The hamburger menu is becoming a standard now in most modern applications. This design showcases new functionality in a nicely organized manner. Since most users are already familiar with this format, learning where things are located will be a no-brainer.

Comply with your client’s guidelines at the point of time entry

As attorneys enter time, each timecard is graded and validated for compliance against client guidelines, in real time. If a violation to the rule is found, the appropriate message is presented to the user with the solution of what needs to be done to fix the entry. Timekeepers can decide if they want to fix the timecard later or fix it immediately. At the end of the day, the goal is to make sure that timecards in the billing system are all in compliance before sending the bill to the client.

In order to achieve Compliance at the Point of Time Entry, the firm needs to implement OCG Live.
OCG Live is a full Outside Counsel & Billing Guidelines management solution designed to:

  • Centralize your OCG
  • Provide the firm with one place to house guidelines and rules
  • Make it simple for finance and billing teams to update guidelines and rules in order to keep up with the changing pace of clients and vendors

For finance and administrators, this is the first time that OCG can realistically be managed. By managing at the point of time entry, there is potential to save the firm hundreds of thousands of dollars in would-be rejections. Furthermore, by getting it right the first time, firms will quicken collection cycles and reduce time spent by employees tasked with “cleaning up the mess” of non-compliant bills.